Butterflies and Ladybugs (BFLB) produces luxury gift packages. We emphasize Love, Sophistication and Quality. (with a little fun thrown in)

Butterflies and Ladybugs was created for all those who are tired of receiving flowers (they are SOOOO expensive, and THEY DIE), chocolates (like we don’t get enough of that, especially at holidays and celebrations) and food baskets (you know the ones, they look great and really full then you open it up and it’s all filler on the bottom with just a few things on top—total  let down and SOOO expensive)!


Our Products

Our packages contain fun, romantic, and unique items. Our focus is for most of our products to be local and/or Canadian sourced, with an emphasis on quality. Each package will contain an insert with where many of the items were purchased along with the company’s website, so that you, the consumer, can purchase products that you are especially fond of from the source.



We have him and her Romance packages, each currently offering two choices; corporate packages, we will offer three choices.



Butterflies & Ladybugs  strives to be the premier web based gift package company; locally, nationally and internationally; by providing the personal touch with high quality and unique items in every package.


So, whether it is for that special someone, the CEO, or someone in between, send a gift package they will never forget.

You are a wonderful and unique person! The gifts you send should reflect that.



Romance. Delivered.